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Tony Hanmer
Tony Hanmer
Tony Hanmer, the former Worldwide Board member and Senior Vice President, Asia-Pacific of McCann Erickson, with leadership experience of over 26 years. Tony was responsible for the performance of 29 offices in
17 countries, the role included responsibility for financial, creative and corporate performance as well as maintaining close relationships with International "club" business, for example, Coca Cola, General Motors, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, L'Oreal, Unilever, Levis, Ferrerro, and Cathay Pacific. During this time substantial acquisitions were made throughout Asia, building McCann to be the world's largest global communications company with sales in excess of US$2 billion.

Back in 1975, Tony established Shackle Hanmer that rapidly became one of the U.K.'s top twenty advertising agencies (named Agency of the Year in 1978 by the London Evening Standard). He also owned Stowcastle Promotions, a promotional graphics and image processing facility that pioneered the use of computer graphics, retouching and digital photocomposition. Both businesses were sold to the Lonsdale Advertising Group in 1984. Appointed to the parent company, the Group became the largest privately owned conglomerate in London at that time.

Capitalising on his extensive business background at senior board level, Tony has sought to be a non-executive director advising boards on strategy, marketing, and research.

Some of advisory roles Tony provides is as follows:
* He is the joint founder and director of SelecTV.
* He is the Non-executive Chairman Tuck & Barder a mobile phone content provider.
* The Deputy Chairman of Queensland Racing.
* The Director of Cuisine Box, a private venture company in partnership with Qantas
* And also Deputy Chairman of The Endeavour Foundation, one of Australia's largest community based non-profit organisations.

Tony is a highly motivated and charismatic individual with broad business skills, a unique Asian/Global perspective involving acquisitions and specializing in marketing. He has top-level international business contacts with a proven ability to inspire and lead both large and small teams. He is adept at change management and can harness various skills to deliver creative and financially accountable results.

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