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Praveen Kenneth
Praveen Kenneth
Praveen Kenneth woke up the advertising establishment, when at just 29 he became the youngest-ever CEO at The Publicis Group, overseeing the $6 billion group's operations in the Indian sub-continent.

His dynamism and ruthless honesty cut through and brought relief for many emerging markets seeking corporate liberation, innovation and business growth.

Praveen's client base became increasingly more enthused with his fresh approach and soon he was called to operate around the world.

As one commentator noted, "hip has a new meaning in the business world when Praveen is around"

Kenneth's passion is to build innovative organizations and recruit pioneering souls. And he has an unwavering belief in empowering people to be the 'miracle' in building strong clients, brands, businesses and relationships.

He is a great evangelist for the new world, who demonstrates unerring faith in the ability of people to make the impossible possible!

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